I don't claim to be an expert in architectural photography (it's a professional development area for me) but it is certainly something which I would like to do more of.  Most of these images where taken with a world class zero distortion rectilinear ultra-wide-angle lens combined with a realistic high dynamic range post processing technique to give a near perfect "human eye" view of the scene.  The sets below are a few of the rare opportunities I have had to try architectural photography:

Chester Cathedral

A few archaeological images of an absoloute treasure of a building in Chester.

Storyhouse (Mar-May 2017)

These are a few architectural style pictures of the Storyhouse theatre, cinema and library taken before the building opened between March and May 2017.

Mann Island, Liverpool (Dec 2017)

A few early morning shots around the Mann Island area of Liverpool.  I know these don't really conform to the number one rule of "keeping the perspectives correct" but this is just a stunning part of Liverpool and at the time I just wanted to be creative.

Victoria Baths, Manchester (Jun 2014)

Victoria Baths, Manchester.