24th July 2012: 2nd IR Test Shot - Chester Cathedral

Post date: 24-Jul-2012 20:03:25

Chester Cathedral (Infrared & HDR)

Following on from my previous image of the Old Dee Bridge in Chester which was my first test infrared image, I managed to grab half an hour at lunchtime to get into Chester on what’s been said was one of the hottest days this year. The main reason for going out was that I’ve read that these very hot sunny days produce some of the best infrared images.

This was taken with an unconverted Canon 5d Mark II with a 17-40 F4L lens and used a 77mm Hoya Infrared R72 filter at ISO 200, F5.6 and bracketed at -2,0,+2 exposures (15 sec, 60secs and 4 minutes). The two things I have done differently compared with my first image were that:

1) This time I used the eyepiece cover (usually attached to the Canon camera strap) as it was a long exposure and didn't want light leaking in from the back.

2) I enabled the setting in the menu "long exposure noise reduction feature" to reduce noise in these long exposures (this worked very well by the way).