Stop Motion

21st June 2012 - Perch Rock Time Lapse / Stop Motion

The above video was taken during a Welshot Imaging academy evening. I was inspired to have a go at stop motion / time lapse after seeing some of the work by Petra Cross from Google.

This video was actually generated using the Windows Essentials add in "Windows Movie Maker" that comes with Windows 7. The process was very simple in that it just involved shooting lots of small JPG files and combining them with a 0.1 sec delay to make this video.

For more information about Petra Cross and how she does her videos see the site:

The music in this video (used with permission) is called "Scientist" from the Album "Wonder Wonder" from the very talented singer,songwriter and musician Ashley Fayth. For more information about Ashley Faith see:

For more information about Welshot Imaging see: